“The inner Self is the true Guru”

“The  inner  Self is the true Guru”.  Contrariwise separating himself and seeng the Guru as “other” is the entertainment of the ego. 
The mere intellectual understanding of this process separative, which is illusory, however, is not sufficient. As long as the ego is not obliterated is not appropriate to deal with the Guru like any other. Please note, we are talking of the external Guru, as this attitude would tend not to respect or disregard his teachings. 
Then you need to know that the Guru is the true Self while outwardly you relate to him as if he were the Supreme Teacher, with respect and devotion. This attitude is then reflected towards your Self, your inner Guru, and then you “surrender” to his Grace. Knowing that no personal effort can obliterate the sense of separativeness but this can only be removed by the Grace of the Guru (who is the Self). 
For this it is said to behave equally and with detachment with all beings in the world with the exception of the Guru, which is the inner “awakener” of the self. 
The moment that the Guru make one realize the Self all distinction disappears .. remains, however, in modes of expression, a constant form of devotion and respect for the Guru, who at that point is actually experienced as one’s Self, inwardly. 
But outwardly still the game of "diversity" continues to unfold.
Paolo D’Arpini

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