Nisargadatta Maharaj - A message....

You are the absolute. you are consciousness. you are formless, limitless, changeless, eternal and infinite. you are everything and yet nothing. You are pure being but you are appearing as time, body (form) and concepts. You are life and also the witness of life. Then being wants to experience and took form. you accept you are a person with all its moods, up and downs, life experiences, etc. but we must come out of 'person'. if you are consciousness, then the very identity of a person is also in you. you can be a person and by establishing this you meet other people who treat you as a person. you meet separate identities being people together going about their busy lives. and in doing so you move in the world of a person. you work on yourself and break through your obstacles, self-discovery, life's lessons, etc. everything is perceived in you and by you.
if you are consciousness, the feeling of being a person is known. the very identity of a person is an appearance in you. you are looking at all of this from a deeper place. the person is a projection and if it is believed in, the believing aspect will then move forward or be predominant in your life (ego). this believing yourself to be a person. so your life starts there. that becomes the fact of your existence - a person. there is no solid person, there is just a kind of work in progress. a person changes constantly. but who is watching all of this happening? there is an awareness of you and your story, but who are you? it is the belief in yourself and your whole story/identity that spring forth all of your difficulties. WHO are YOU? it is not the person you think yourself to be. when you are ready, you sense the opportunity that something inside you moves back into your Self. something just flows out of pure joy and being. just try to be clear about who you are and you discover all that you are not.
the consciousness has combined itself with conditioning. the body is necessary for consciousness because the body enables the person to have experience. but the body is not primary consciousness, it is secondary. but with the belief in the 'i am the body', we get attached to the body. but who is perceiving all of this? if we remove 'me' what do we have? can the real Self be perceived (time, space, thought, emotion)? you are watching and perceiving, but can this be perceived? you must experience this for yourself. this I AM arises, but you must find out what this is. the I AM views all of this happening but can the I AM be perceived? you are perceiving of the perceiving itself. whatever arises from source can see but can source be seen? when you and the answer are the same thing, then you will be Home. this question cannot be answered with another concept. the mind cannot understand it. but it is all much easier than the mind could ever wonder. go beyond concepts. like the eyes that see so many objects around but yet they cannot see themselves. you are also one, this complete whole. you cannot see yourself, you can only be. it will reveal itself but not as you perceive it to another. only it will reveal itself to itself. it never became two or this duality, it only dreamed this. you must come to your own being. don't give this to your mind because it only wants to interpret something or conceptualize. the mind wants to hold or grasp something, to explain it thoroughly or to understand completely. the mind says in general to our daily functions 'oh i know this experience and what that was like.' or 'i know what this is because i have compared it to something else, therefore I understand what is happening.' the true Self however cannot grasp or hold onto concepts. there is no comparison. there is a nothingness, it is just pure being. there is nothing to do, nothing needed, nothing to need to know. you are everything and nothing. in this you find freedom. but it happens so much easier than even the mind could attempt to explain or form concepts. it is the most natural thing to do yet we go seeking for it externally. 

It is all in you. find out everything you are not and you will find the Self naturally. it is easier than your mind can think so don't get stuck in concepts as this will create more confusion. you are already what you are seeking. quiet the mind and all else will happen accordingly. let it happen. let grace flow through you. let the FIRE of grace burn away all that you are not so you can find you are ALL.

Nisargadatta Maharaj

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