L'altro mondo di Nisargadatta Maharaj

Nisargadatta Maharaj

Maharaj: You are all drenched for it is raining hard. In my world it
is always fine weather. There is no night or day, no heat or cold. No
worries beset me there, nor regrets. My mind is free of
thoughts, for there are no desires to slave for.

Questioner: Are there two worlds?
M: Your world is transient, changeful. My world is perfect,
changeless. You can tell me what you like about your world -- I shall
listen carefully, even with interest, yet not for a moment shall I
forget that your world is not, that you are dreaming.

Q:      What distinguishes your world from mine?
M: My world has no characteristics by which it can be identified. You
can say nothing about it. I am my world. My world is myself. It is
complete and perfect. Every impression is erased, every experience --
rejected. I need nothing, not even myself, for myself I cannot lose.

Q:      Not even God?
M: All these ideas and distinctions exist in your world; in mine there
is nothing of the kind. My world is single and very simple.

Q:      Nothing happens there?
M: Whatever happens in your world, only there it has validity and
evokes response. In my world nothing happens.

Q:      The very fact of your experiencing your own world implies duality
inherent in all experience.
M: Verbally -- yes. But your words do not reach me. Mine is a
non-verbal world. In your world the unspoken has no existence. In mine
-- the words and their contents have no being. In your world nothing
stays, in mine -- nothing changes. My world is real, while yours is
made of dreams.

Nisargadatta Maharaj - I AM THAT

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